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Frequently Asked Questions

For print subscribers, we offer a weekend edition that is delivered on Saturdays. However, we still produce a complete daily digital newspaper, seven days a week! This well-thought out change is an effort to turn out a superior product for our loyal customers.

Sunday, May 3, will be the last day the DRC is printed and delivered seven days a week. Going forward, a daily e-replica edition – which is included as part of your print subscription – will be available seven days a week. The Saturday print edition will be delivered same day through the U.S. mail to most locations in the main Denton zip codes.

We have been letting readers know about this change since early April through almost-daily announcements in the paper, letters mailed to all subscribers, postcards and numerous digital and social media communications.

You can find how-to videos, benefits of digital subscriptions and a presentation about why we’re doing what we’re doing at

We aren’t giving up on our print subscribers, but the reality is that just 10 percent of our readers receive the printed newspaper, and that number is not growing despite our best efforts. As the costs of producing and delivering a daily newspaper increase, it is no longer prudent for us to continue publishing every day. 

If you remain a print subscriber, everything stays the same, except that the monthly charge for your puzzle book will be removed. If you move to a digital subscription, we’ll allocate those remaining dollars against the subscription level you choose.

It is the exact replica of the printed DRC, delivered digitally instead of being thrown in your yard. It contains more content daily than the printed paper and is available earlier in the morning. The e-replica edition is updated throughout the day as news stories update. The e-Edition is available by 3 a.m. daily.

The benefits are numerous:

·       It contains more local content.

·       Videos and interactive graphics are added to some stories.

·       Stories are updated throughout the day with significant developments.

·       It’s easier to read because the screen, color photos and ads are brighter.

·       You can pinch and zoom to enlarge type for easier readability.

·       You never have to worry about missed delivery.

·       You don’t have to go outside to get your paper.

·       You can access it anywhere, even when you are out of town.

·       It includes 25 daily interactive puzzles and games.

·       Every Sunday, we include the Washington Post week in review section.

·       You’ll get access to digital ad circulars.

·       You’ll get the latest news and scores and stories from high school and college games that typically end too late for print.

·       You’re helping save the environment by leaving newsprint behind.

Absolutely. Pricing ranges from $1.99 to $2.49 per week, depending on your subscription length.

It will be available on Saturday at a number of local stores for $2.50 for the Saturday/Sunday issue. You also can access a single-day digital edition for 99 cents. Visit for print locations.

We are simply evolving with our subscriber base to remain competitive in today’s market. More readers are consuming content digitally; our digital audience is big and continuing to grow. This change allows us to provide our readers the most up-to-date and latest coverage, including local news, sports coverage and scores, investigative reporting and much more. Our readers are following us and reading us digitally, and that is how they want to consume our content.


We will continue to cover our community like only we can. We aren’t changing our mission, just our distribution to meet our audience’s desires.

We are not eliminating any reporter or editor positions from our newsroom. This move gives us a better chance to enhance our local coverage as we are able to track what our readers are most interested in, an advantage that digital news organizations have over print newsrooms.

If a holiday falls on one of our scheduled print days, subscribers will receive the print edition. If not, it will be available as an e-Edition.

It only gets better. With less deadline pressure than we have for the print edition, we will be able to publish more updated results, with more video and more photo galleries. 

They will continue to publish as they do now. If they are intended to run in print, they can be published in the Saturday/Sunday weekend editions. Alternatively, they can be published any day in the e-Edition.

They are not going away; we will continue to publish them in print and e-Editions. And we may consider adding more to our e-Editions in the future.

No, we will continue to publish free email newsletters, making access to our digital articles easier for readers. We also continually are studying our readers’ interests and looking into ideas to create more free newsletters on different topics.

Yes, it is available for Apple or Android phones and available through the app stores free. It is an easy way to stay up to date where you are on local news, sports, business, entertainment and breaking news.

We are continuing to increase the way in which we provide you information. We are improving our interactive graphics, maps and enhancing our audience engagement on our social media channels. As we change our focus, we will be able to reach you in the various formats that you use.

The way people consume news and advertising has changed dramatically in the past few years. Roughly 90 percent of our audience comes to us digitally, and 99 percent of our new subscriptions are digital only, as opposed to print. Like so many other businesses, we must continue to adapt in how we serve customers. We are simply adjusting our delivery model to what the market expects.